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14 days from Phang Nga to Krabi

A flight trip from Phang Nga to Krabi for beach and food lovers visiting top attractions like Pon Rung Hot Spring, Phuket Old Town, Central Festival Phuket and many more.

14 daysJan 1 - Jan 14, 2022
675 kmRoute

Phang Nga Province

4 days (Jan 1 - Jan 4, 2022)>

An ideal destination for sea cave kayaking, rock climbing and day trips to James bond island. Famous for its limestone cliffs and rock formations, as well as mangroves forest and small islands.

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Transport Icon5 hours

Ranong Province

2 days (Jan 5 - Jan 6, 2022)>

Ranong is known for its long rainy seasons, which lasts 8 months each year. A mountainous and heavily forested province.

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Transport Icon19 min

Phuket Province

4 days (Jan 7 - Jan 10, 2022)>

Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand and has a large Chinese influence. It is blessed with magnificent beaches and well known for its dive sites. The island has a vast selection of hotels, resorts and budget accommodation.

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Transport Icon2 hours

Krabi Province

4 days (Jan 11 - Jan 14, 2022)>

Krabi Province is a popular beach destination in the Andaman sea with countless natural attractions.

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