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14 days from Nong Khai to Phitsanulok

A flight trip from Nong Khai to Phitsanulok for nature lovers visiting top attractions like Tha Sadet Market, Nong Khai Walking Street, Wat Pho Chai and many more.

14 daysJan 1 - Jan 14, 2022
941 kmRoute

Nong Khai Province

3 days (Jan 1 - Jan 3, 2022)>

Nong Khai province contains the longest stretch of the Mekong River. Nong Khai features temples, traditional culture, beautiful countryside, and a rural folk lifestyle.

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Transport Icon2 hours

Udon Thani Province

3 days (Jan 4 - Jan 6, 2022)>

Udon Thani is a province in northeast Thailand close to the Laos border. It is well known for its beautiful scenery, caves, traditional villages, and abundance of rice fields.

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Transport Icon29 min

Khon Kaen Province

3 days (Jan 7 - Jan 9, 2022)>

Khon Kaen has some fascinating historical and archaeological sites, also an excellent place to watch the production of Mudmee Silk or participate in outdoor activities within some of the many animal reserves or national parks.

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Transport Icon52 min

Loei Province

3 days (Jan 10 - Jan 12, 2022)>

Loei Province is well known for its cooler temperatures and has an abundance of mountains and rivers. Loei has unique cultures and traditions and is a popular destination for both local and oversea tourists.

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Transport Icon5 hours

Phitsanulok Province

2 days (Jan 13 - Jan 14, 2022)>

Phitsanulok region is an interesting place to explore Thailands history. While most of the terrain is flat, mountains cover a third of the north and east. and is where you can find national parks and waterfalls.

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