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13 days from Lamphun to Kanchanaburi

A flight trip from Lamphun to Kanchanaburi for history lovers visiting top attractions like Wat Rong Khun (White Temple), Choui Fong Tea, Mae Chan Tea House & Plantation, Baandam Museum (Black Temple) and many more.

13 daysJan 1 - Jan 13, 2022
990 kmRoute

Lamphun Province

3 days (Jan 1 - Jan 3, 2022)>

Lamphun Province has impressive natural and cultural attractions. Including temples, breathtaking scenery and views. Visiting hill tribe communities is a must do.

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Transport Icon3 hours

Chiang Mai Province

4 days (Jan 4 - Jan 7, 2022)>

Chiang Mai has cooler weather than the rest of Thailand, beautiful mountains, hill tribe villages and botanical gardens make this an ideal location for trekking and exploring. Very popular with tourists who want to try cooking classes, massage schools, handcraft workshops or even river rafting.

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Transport Icon31 min

Chiang Rai Province

3 days (Jan 8 - Jan 10, 2022)>

Chiang Rai is a mountainous region submerged in rivers and jungles. The natives are a mixture of various ethnic backgrounds and traditions.

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Transport Icon42 min

Kanchanaburi Province

3 days (Jan 11 - Jan 13, 2022)>

Kanchanaburi is known for its dense national parks of dense jungle, waterfalls and limestone cliffs.

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