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A day in Sukhothai

A flight trip around Sukhothai for history and spirit lovers visiting top attractions like Sukhothai Historical Park and many more.

1 dayJan 1, 2022
1 kmRoute
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Sukhothai Historical Park


Sukhothai Historical Park is Capital of the Sukhothai Kingdom in the 13th and 14th centuries. The park is home to ruins of Royal Palaces, Buddhist Temples, the city gates, walls and moats.

Temple Ruins(Spirituality, History)
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Address:Mueang Kao, Mueang Sukhothai District, Sukhothai 64210, Thailand
Phone:+66 55 697 241
Opening hours: Open now
Sunday6:30 AM - 7:30 PM
Monday6:30 AM - 7:30 PM
Tuesday6:30 AM - 7:30 PM
Wednesday6:30 AM - 7:30 PM
Thursday6:30 AM - 7:30 PM
Friday6:30 AM - 7:30 PM
Saturday6:30 AM - 9:00 PM