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2 days in Tak

A flight trip around Tak for food lovers visiting top attractions like Mea Ping Tak Park, Nang Kuan Waterfall, Bangkok Bicentennial Bridge and many more.

2 daysJan 1 - Jan 2, 2022
162 kmRoute
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Pha Sam Ngao


Pha Sam Ngao is known for its clifftop temple and Buddhist statue.

Mountain(Nature, Spirituality)
4Rating star
Address:627R+JGF, Yan Ri, Sam Ngao District, Tak 63130, Thailand
Opening hours: Open now
Sunday10:35 AM - 9:20 PM
Monday10:35 AM - 9:20 PM
Tuesday10:35 AM - 9:20 PM
Wednesday10:35 AM - 9:20 PM
Thursday10:35 AM - 9:20 PM
Friday10:35 AM - 9:20 PM
Saturday10:35 AM - 9:20 PM