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4 days from Satun to Songkhla

A flight trip from Satun to Songkhla for nature, beach and shopping lovers visiting top attractions like Songkhla Old Town, Old Town Songkhla Gate, Songkhla Night Market and many more.

4 daysJan 1 - Jan 4, 2022
174 kmRoute
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178 Cafe & Seafood

178 คาเฟ่แอนด์ซีฟู้ด

178 Cafe & Seafoodis a wonderful restaurant with a pleasant ambiance. The shop is designed in the style of a cafe. There is a waterfront seating area. You can delight in the stunning views. There is a wide variety of Southern Thai, Thai, and Western cuisine on the menu. The restaurant's signature dish is the seafood dish. For example, sea bass curry, fried sea catfish with turmeric, and marinated crab in fish sauce. Food has a hot and tasty flavor. Furthermore, the service is prompt, and the food quality is appropriate with the pricing.

Opening hours: Closed now